Celebrate with Tori Spelling

The reality star, actress, wife, mother and author recently took time out of her busy schedule to speak with me about her new book, celebraTORI, where she shares tips on creating the perfect party. Tori is a true entrepreneur. Read on to learn what will never go out of style, when it is okay to wear red lipstick with a red dress, and the item everyone seems to own (but her). She was such a fun interview, Donna Martin can graduate any day in my book! 

In celebraTORI, you share your party planning motto: “Is it great or does it work?”  Does this motto carry over to your daily life or do you follow a different mantra? How do you maintain the balance in your life with everything you have going on?

It’s funny, that motto came up while I was party planning, but I was just thinking about this the other day, funny enough. It’s a great motto to have in life; you should always strive for greatness. If you have to make it work, you can make it work. But why not in every aspect in your life always strive for that.

You seem to really celebrate life. You have this refreshing quality, and it is rare. Have you always had that spirit about you? Where does it come from?

Oh my gosh, I don’t know…I think I definitely get a lot of my work ethic and energy from my Dad, for sure. He was a total workhorse, but loved interacting with people and loved family, and I think I take after him in that respect. But, I don’t know, I just feel so blessed to have the family I have and to be able to do things I love. Everything I do, for work and play, is all about the passions I have, and I am so blessed.

You discuss budget and savings in the book, and touch upon being eco-conscious, particularly when it comes to utilizing glassware. I love the idea of finding vintage pieces to use again and again. Do you have go-to flea markets or vintage shops?

Definitely, when I am shopping for my parties I go to Rose Bowl flea market, Long Beach flea market, Pasadena City College or Santa Monica, which is one of my favorite ones. We have this one on Melrose and Fairfax that is really cool. I try to hit up a flea market every weekend if my husband is up for it. I even drive around to Goodwill. You can find amazing little pieces…tea cups to put florals in…I always go to Goodwill. You don’t have to have a whole set of something. So, it’s great if you find three glasses here and two glasses there. Eventually you’ll have a great eclectic collection and you don’t always have to find a whole set to make it work.

Do you feel like that is a trend in party planning? Do you think that is something that will last? 

I hope it’s a trend that lasts because it’s budget conscious and it’s great to re-purpose things to use them over and over again. 

In the book, you say “down with the Evite”, and I agree with you. But, personally I have used Paperless Post. Do you feel like it’s a complete no-no to use Paperless Post as a save-the-date?

No, I don’t. I’ve actually used Paperless Post and because I feel like that’s a step in the right direction. At least you feel (when you click) you are opening an envelope. So you are semi-doing the cyber experience version of an invitation. I would take that any day over an Evite, but people still do the Evite. Paperless Post is cool. I like sending a really personal email and putting one of my favorite photos that reflects what the party is, if I have to do email. 

I love your tip in the book “when all else fails, dessert will save you.” Is there a dessert that is always a saving grace at a party?

Red velvet cupcakes are my go-to favorite. I’m all about mini things. Whether it is a mini pie or mini cupcake or cake pops are fun.

What will never go out of style?

I am going to have to go with legwarmers. Legwarmers are my absolute favorite. Every fall and winter I’m super excited to bust them out again. They are cool to wear with boots, they’re cool to with wear leggings, they’re cool to wear with skinny jeans, they’re cool to wear with whatever is the trend at the time, and that is why I think they’ll never go out of style. 

What is your current obsession?

Probably headbands. But, not the headhand that goes around your head, but goes horizontal around the diameter (of the head)…does that make sense!? 

What song is on repeat on your iPod?

Um, you are going to think I’m crazy, I don’t have an iPod. I know, that’s koo-koo…

What is your favorite holiday?

My favorite holiday would be Halloween. I love to decorate, and even before I had kids, I always dressed up every year. 

In your book, you mention the board game Clue and the idea to plan a Murder Mystery party. If you did host that party, which character would you dress up as?

I would totally be Miss Scarlett. Just because, for once, it would be okay to mix a red dress and red lipstick.

What is your favorite quality in a man?


What is your favorite quality in a woman?


Finish this sentence: To be successful, one must…

Reach beyond one’s means.


Tori truly has a contagious positive energy. During our conversation, she was up for any question and if you read this blog often, you already know her favorite Frock and Fizz pairing is a capelet and a sidecar, as mentioned here.  I hope you enjoyed reading our banter as much as I enjoyed speaking with Ms. Spelling.

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