Best Trips 2014

Maine 2

Spending money on travel, especially to explore a spot you’ve never been, is worth every cent. I was in Bridgton, Maine over the weekend for a mini-reunion of about 30 family members at Shawnee Peak. Just a seven hour ride from New York City, it’s a breeze away. All jokes aside, I love road trips and this one was no exception with stellar company and skies bluer than a Caribbean ocean. While my recent winter excursions have been quite Arctic, I highly recommend hiking these trails and breathing in the beauty of Maine.

Maine 1

Next on my list: a few of these gems!


Image Credits: Jenny Graham

buy the ticket, take the ride.

road tripWe were standing on a balcony, boots in a bit of snow, gazing over a glorious skyline. It was my last day in Reykjavik and I was going on and on about my adoration of Iceland, to this perfect stranger, when he cut in and said: Yoko Ono loves it here. I laughed aloud, silently recalling a random run-in, just weeks before in Manhattan. I had sat beside Ms. Ono at a downtown sushi spot. Seeing her had prompted me to reminisce about my first cassette tape, a gift from my Uncle Joe, the song: Imagine. As a result, I had that soundtrack on repeat during my first flight to luminous Iceland. Of course, I see connections in everything. Call it a habit, call it whatever you want. But in that moment I knew I’d be back. And guess what? JBD is on a little break, just for a week or so. I bought the ticket. I’m taking the ride.

(p.s. buy the ticket, take the ride ~ quote via Hunter S. Thompson)

Beverly Hills, Baby.

I lived in Beverly Hills for about four years in my mid-twenties. I never really said goodbye because I frequent the City of Angels for work and family visits. Those quintessential bungalows of The Beverly Hill Hotel will forever stay in style and I suppose it’s the iconic design’s ability to pique a present day eye combined with the long-term memory of Shelley Long and her troop. I like kitsch from time to time, so let’s give a nod to fun luxury and wrap up in some campy classics.








Signature Beach Towel // Women’s Limited Edition Pajamas

Jökulsárlón: Glacier Lagoon {Iceland}

JBD 222

With Christmas around the corner and the Winter Solstice behind us, it is a lovely time to acknowledge darkness, while allowing light to continually enter into your life. I felt the majesty of nature while in Iceland and it reminded me of the magic of this season. Have good taste in people; the experiences you live out will be better for it. Look at Mother Nature, she definitely made the right choice in hanging out with Jökulsárlón. This glacial lake is located in Southeastern Iceland, situated at the head of Breiðamerkurjökull, where it developed into a lake after the glacier started receding from the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.

JBD 333

JBD 444

I became enchanted with the ever-changing natural light in Iceland. To stand surrounded by floating ice, a coastline and majestic mountains is surreal. And quite chilly this time of year!


The wind strength and gorgeous cloud formations are unique to Winter. I truly felt an inner calmness standing on the land.


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JBD 555

Image Credits: Jenny Graham

Natural Areas Conservancy {NYC}

Before I unlock a series of posts dedicated to Iceland next week, let’s take a look at our own backyard. My brother’s girlfriend helped launch the Natural Areas Conservancya new non-profit formed to protect and restore New York City’s 10,000 acres of forests and wetlands. These natural areas are a vital resource for all New Yorkers, improving air quality, buffering communities from storms and flooding, and providing incredible recreation opportunities. With the holidays upon us, I’m mentioning this important and natural gift. Please consider supporting the work of the Natural Areas Conservancy by making any amount of donation. No amount is too small! Donate and get more information right here.

natural areas conservancyImage via Natural Areas Conservancy


Vatnajökull {Iceland}

I have been back in the states for a couple of days. The Icelandic experiences and memories I’ve been fortunate enough to collect feel sacred. Many of the extraordinary images and humble moments captured on camera are downloading as I type this blog post. While I’ve granted myself a bit of time before the supernatural awesomeness that is the magical country of Iceland is up on JBD, I do hope you enjoy a walk on the wild side via the photos my new pal, Daði, took on our journey through Vatnajökull National Park. They show a sliver of an entire week of living deep in the power of nature, circled by inner balance.

glacier 2

jenny on a glacier

glacier 6

glacier 5

glacier 7

Image Credits: Daði Guðjónsson

Destination: Iceland


Well, kids, I’m off to Iceland. It’s one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. JBD’s future creative content will include the Blue Lagoon, the Northern Lights, a glacial hike, small plane rides to big mother nature moments, live concert shenanigans in below zero temps, and a slew of interviews with Icelandic designers. Have a wonderful week!

Take A Dip

Just yesterday, it snowed in New York City. I wore a winter cap, wool coat and tall boots. Imagine the shock of my wardrobe when I dug up pairs of sandals and a few sleeveless dresses late last night. I’m jetting to Miami on behalf of my day job, looking toward the light of the sun. I wonder if it will be warm enough to take a dip in the sea?

Zimmermann Swimwear Resort 2014 1

Zimmermann Swimwear Resort 2014

Eniko Mihalik for Zimmermann Swimwear Resort 2014-006 Image Credits: Zimmermann