Cameo Calling

I am currently coveting a Lanvin cameo. She is elegant, chic and refined, don’t you think? The price tag is a tad out of reach for this blogger, but it reminds me of a cousin-of-a-cameo version I scooped up at the Brooklyn Flea, over a year ago.

The story behind this gem begins with buying the ring on a whim for an easy ten dollars, followed by a series of breaks (first at the doctor’s office, then on the subway, and finally in the dance studio). At each fracture, I visited Treasures, where Avi the jeweler worked his magic. Carefully studying the ring, bringing it back to life, he got to know her better with each rebuild. On the last visit to collect the cameo, before sending us on our way, Avi announced he named her Mary, short for Marie Antoinette. And, he shared a secret: she was born in France with an original worth much more than flea market money. I plan to never part with her, for the antique roadshowness is greater than any penny in a pot.  A serendipitous story trumps a lot. You never know what will turn into something else. You never know what will remind you of a moment in time. Lanvin or a little Mary ring, wear what makes you feel good, what brings you to sing.

Necklace: Lanvin // Rings: Vintage  

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