Breathing Dreams Like Air

eyeYou cultivate your power. I’m referencing power as a source within you, the flame or light which makes you who you are, now and into the future. Sometimes you procrastinate (the beginning of this post was in my saved drafts from September 29!) or sometimes you doubt yourself or sometimes you feel unworthy. Sit still. Trust yourself. Forgive. Let the light in. Trust again.

I travel often, as documented here. The past 25ish days were full blown life is happening if you blink you’ll miss it. Today I chilled out in my acupuncturist’s office for a bit of revive and reset meditation. And, whoah, a flux of visions flew faster than the speed of a shooting star. I couldn’t stop babbling about them to my acupuncturist and fellow healers. The sheer amount of symbols solidified my empath/weird factor one last 2016-time, and more significantly, offered me crown chakra connection. All of us have the ability to delete procrastination, doubt and unworthiness. We can take moments to fully root ourselves and liberate the spirit. What you do or how you do it may be different from me or the next gal, but doing it is worth the clear path into a free new year. Cheers my dears.

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