Back to the Beginning

b981cad81c15ed57a78d9b78b0a733f3 A snapshot plus a life story wrapped up into one daily dose. Sure does sum up the beginning of JBD. This blog’s three year anniversary rolled into town while I was in Santa Fe on yet another celebrate-your-existence June vacation. I posted a little bit here. Let’s just say there’s a true tale for every polka dot on this skirt and then some. I’ve been working on a larger project whenever I feel especially inspired and whenever I can stick to a serious early morning schedule. But, I’ve thinking of you, JBD’ers. I say this often: life keeps happening. Life.keeps.happening. Put your fine self in the center of now. It is simple. It is all we have, all of us. By writing to you I am reminded of my own advice. Thank you for being you.

P.S. Often the goal is nearer than…

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