A Gathering of Life

cedar lake michigan JBDDo you weed your {metaphorical} garden? In order to do so, you’ve got to create space and time for yourself. It’s continuous work, it’s vulnerability at its finest, it is worth every bit of effort you give to it because it directly affects the development of you. I’m midway into some time off to reflect, revise, to just be. After a hot yoga class and a swim in the Pacific, designer Stefan Sagmeister came to mind. Have you watched his TED talk on the power of time off? Every seven years, he closes his business and goes on a yearly sabbatical. This time he allows for himself returns a bounty of creativity, and he prefers to be in Bali. While we all may not mirror Stefan’s exact time off movement, we can each adapt a portion of the core idea. In doing so, we gather a life worth living, one full of intrinsic value, a garden always growing.

For those of you who may need more oontz, here are eight ways to vacation like a French woman. I support each and every way, c’est vrai!

Photo Credit: Jenny Graham (Cedar Lake, Michigan)

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