A Classic Decoration: Wallpaper

Growing up, my Mom taught me to use wallpaper to create a space. My childhood bedroom was papered in Holly Hobbie and our kitchen was covered in a pineapple-mache. While the wallpaper of the late ’80s and early ’90s doesn’t excite my present day eagle eye, I have my sight set on a few. Which do you love?

Deborah Bowness appeals to the Surrealist’s heart. My adoration of Dali’s work is no joke, and when I discovered “Illusions of Grandeur”, my senses were overjoyed. Her mirrors and chandeliers are a worthwhile hallucination.

The virtual reality continues with Cole & Son’s Fornasetti Riflesso Wallpapers. Opulent in scale, commanding to the naked eye, it captures the detail of true art.

If you are not ready to marry your walls to paper, you can live together first with Tempaper. At under one hundred dollars a roll, the self-adhesive temporary wallpaper is a perfect option for the first-timer or renter.

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