A Blog Moon

I am back from the U.S. Virgin Islands. About three hours into my journey, as I relaxed on the beach of  The Ritz-Carlton St. Thomas, I realized I was on my very own honeymoon. I quickly became known as the party of one: the girl  who plays tennis with the tennis pro because no partner abounds, the lady who sails the Lady Lynsey amongst couples galore, the girl with the big toothy smile who enjoys the island drink of the day, the gal named Jenny who is writing a book. I collected  friends like seashells. Swimming in the sea soothed my soul. Listening to Bert the bartender’s story of true love calmed my heart. Connecting with Erin, a mother-of-three-world-traveler-wife-and-cool-chick reminded me of the good fortune of making new friends. I sat in the white sand with the blazing sun above my body and thought about the unwrinkled future about to be birthed. It is Monday and everything is happening.

Image Credits: Jenny Graham


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