Laure de Sagazan

Way back when, Paris was the first city I stepped into outside of the United States. It’s been a love affair ever since. From the food and fashion to the architecture to the French way of life, I’ve written about my journeys back and forth to Paris here. It must have been a few years ago when I discovered Parisian Laure de Sagazan. Primarily a wedding dress designer, her lovely, delicate creations seem fitting for Spring no matter the occasion. J’adore.






Images via Laure de Sagazan

Surf the Week

Surf Fashion On The Beach

Hopping in my car, opening the sun roof and driving out to a surf spot is one of my dreamy-happy activities. I look forward to it when I return from a long work trip. My go-to Montauk, New York surf spot is Ditch Plains. It’s heaven and holds a special place in my heart. When I don’t want to drive too far from my Brooklyn home, I hit up the Rockaways. Locals Surf School is awesome with group lessons at only $80 a pop; it’s worth the adventure. Dillon is my favorite instructor – tell him JBD sent you!

Way back when, I learned to surf from the dudes at ZJ Boarding House. This Santa Monica, California based shop has been around for 25 years. They take your skill level to the next level. If you head out to Malibu, go brave Surfrider Beach. The surf breaks from North to South in three points. Third Point is the first break, followed by Second Point and First Point, the last break. First Point is a long wave ideal for long boarding while Second Point often allows for a barrel here and there, breaking faster than First Point. The Third Point is for short boards; fast waves and early close outs. Since we’re chatting SoCal, I got my first custom board at South Coast in San Diego. If you’re ever in America’s sunniest city, surf all of these spots.

roxy cynthia rowley

For the surfer who wants to retreat into waves, check out week-long sessions in Costa Rica, surf school in Florida, or Castaway yourself in Fiji for an ultimate experience.

P.S. Cynthia Rowley is creating fabulous surf-wear these days…

Image Credits: Pinterest and  Cynthia Rowley for Roxy


yoga irina kerasoshvili

I took my first yoga class a few years ago, at the beginning of the end of a serious relationship. Unsure about the future, the moment was all I had. I remember wandering into a neighborhood yoga studio and taking a basic class. I may have even cried a bit on my first mat (break-ups, man…). Goodness grew and I surrendered. It felt like a deep swim in the sea. No words or wonder. Just be. This little diddy gives an anatomical focus and a note to self: yoga makes you a nicer person. It is true, miracles happen when you go with the flow. 

Image Credit: Irina Kerasoshvili

The Time Is Now

JBD time is now

Hi my JBD’ers. Now is all we have. I’m certain you’ve heard that before, huh? There are times when it feels right to hunker down and contemplate. There are times when it’s a must to stand at the edge of the lake and shout to the moon. And there are times when all you have and all you know to be true is the moment you are breathing in. The time is now. Your life is your message.

Image taken on a walk in Reykjavik, Iceland, January 2014.

Free Connection


Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. Ferris Bueller’s words have crossed my mind all week. Tonight I went to yoga. Halfway into the second Om Woolf trumped Bueller. Inhabit yourself. It is so damn important. Our personal uniqueness thrives when we are able to feel the ground and surrender to the flow.

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Ice Cream by CVT Soft Serve


I’ve never liked frozen yogurt. I tried it a time or two and realized: no thank you. Anything you have to hide with faux sugary toppings is just not up my alley. A real dairy source is my jam. So when two of my old pals from Los Angeles told me they were launching a company to share just that with Angelenos and beyond, well I screamed for ice cream.

CVT ice

CVT Soft Serve partnered with a local California dairy to bring you a delicious custom mix. Charlie, the 1961 restored truckstrolls the streets of SoCal, ready for you to taste the treats and tweet a photo. She never really sleeps, ready to party with the best of us.


While I am wishin’ and hopin’ Charlie road trips East, all you West-coasters, go ahead now and treat yo’self. You deserve it.

Images c/o CVT Soft Serve

Best Trips 2014

Maine 2

Spending money on travel, especially to explore a spot you’ve never been, is worth every cent. I was in Bridgton, Maine over the weekend for a mini-reunion of about 30 family members at Shawnee Peak. Just a seven hour ride from New York City, it’s a breeze away. All jokes aside, I love road trips and this one was no exception with stellar company and skies bluer than a Caribbean ocean. While my recent winter excursions have been quite Arctic, I highly recommend hiking these trails and breathing in the beauty of Maine.

Maine 1

Next on my list: a few of these gems!


Image Credits: Jenny Graham

Men In Cities

It’s only natural for Men In Cities to be featured on JBD. Between growing up with three brothers (and dozens of dude cousins), producing the l’homme @ home series for this blog, and dating, well, I feel like I hang out with the male-kind more than the average chick. Men In Cities, a brand based in New York City, releases a limited edition of specially curated accessories each month. From the North Atlantic collection to a Nomad Passport Coveryou can’t go wrong for the guys in your life.

men in cities